Aivan Monceller

Creating your Blog using GatsbyJS and API

Aivan MoncellerMarch 31, 2019

You can go to the demo on what this is all about. Nonetheless, this is really very easy even if you don’t know about GatsbyJS.

I have seen a couple of API articles here and decided to make something useful with it.

If you already have a blog, this article is also for you. I have been struggling to create some content on my own domain because I feel no one would even bother visiting my site.

At though, I just keep coming back to write articles because I know someone would be reading it somehow.

Instead of cross-posting from my own blog to, I thought I could do the other way around. I am introducing this very basic Gatsby source that you could use with your Gatsby website.


If you do not know what a gatsby source or have never really touched Gatsby, you don’t need to worry since I created a starter.


Here are the steps how to create your own blog using this starter:

  1. Clone the github repository
    1git clone
  2. Open gatsby-config.js and change line 13 with your username
    1module.exports = {
    2 siteMetadata: {
    3 title: 'Gatsby + Starter',
    4 },
    5 plugins: [
    6 ...
    7 {
    8 resolve: 'gatsby-source-dev',
    9 options: {
    10 // your username
    11 username: 'geocine'
    12 },
    13 },
    14 ...
    15 ],
  3. Install and start
    2yarn start
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8000

This is how it should look like using my username geocine.

This is still a work in progress, I will be adding more features, feel free to create a pull request. I hope you like it.

If you want to learn more about gatsby, checkout this article.